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Socks Specifically Designed For Diabetics

One of the primary things to be affected when you are diagnosed with diabetes will probably be the central nervous system. Diabetics are taught that the conditions associated with diabetes can injure the nerve endings in the feet and the lower legs which might decrease sensation and can lead to foot ulcers and blisters. If proper foot care is not taken this could turn into a life threatening condition and might possibly result in the legs being amputated.

The feet are involved in several of these diabetic complications. Since a sock has direct contact to the skin of your foot throughout the day, the most important type of protection will be to wear unique and properly designed diabetic socks. Although diabetic socks may not be a cure for all these conditions, it can surely improve some of them. Blood collecting in the lower legs and feet could lead to a serious injury which may create infections. By using the proper diabetic socks this can be prevented. Ulcers and blisters are generally developed because of the feet rubbing within the shoe, but with diabetic socks it could be prevented considered as these socks help to cushion and protect the feet from this.

The fact that diabetic socks are made without seams makes sure that there will be no wrinkles in your sock which can lead to friction injuries. The socks are developed in a way to absorb moisture and will also keep your feet warm. Blood circulation will also be improved by using the right socks.

Diabetic socks should extend up to the knee, considered as this gives more support to the lower leg. The socks are designed to apply pressure around the ankle, but decrease the pressure as it proceeds up the leg. Poor blood circulation can cause injuries, bruises and damage to the arteries and nerves to recover very slowly. Blood combining in your feet and lower legs can be quite painful and is also considered to be a very dangerous condition. The reason behind this is that pooling blood could create a blood clot that could travel up to the heart and cause a stroke when you are relaxing. A diabetic sock might help to prevent the blood from pooling.

So, make sure that when you purchase diabetic socks that it is made of synthetic moisture wicking fibers which will remain soft and provide cushioning for your feet. Cotton fiber socks should be avoided. The socks should be form-fitted and snug, but not too tight. It should also have plenty of elasticity that will prevent the sock from sliding into the shoe, resulting in wrinkles in the sock. It should not have harmful dyes or additives over the skin of the feet and legs. And it should be worn in a perfectly fitted shoe.

So, in case you are a diabetic and you struggle with inflamed or painful legs due to poor blood circulation, you should have a look at Compression Stockings. To take a look at a variety of properly created diabetic socks you should Compression Support Hose visit us ameswalker.com. You will certainly find all the diabetic socks that you will need at amazing price ranges.


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